Chairman Halal Research Council explores collaboration with Dairy Science Park

Chairman Halal Research Council explores collaboration with Dairy Science Park

Mr Muhammad Zubair Mughal, Chief Executive Officer, Halal Research Council, Lahore visited office of Prof M Subhan Qureshi, Dean FAHVS/Chief Patron Dairy Science Park, the University of Agriculture Peshawar to discuss collaboration with the Dairy Science Park for promoting Halal foods and papering the DSP region, covering KP, FATA and the adjoining areas of Afghanistan, Tajikistan and China, for export of Halal meat, exceeding US$ 500 billion.

The discussion was joined by Mr Abdul Qadoos, Business Recorder, Dr Naeem Bukhari Sharia Adviser Dairy Science Park and postgraduate students.

Halal Research Council is an organization working globally on Halal certifications in order to cater the needs of food and nutrition agencies and side by side non-food agencies especially in the FMCG sectors.

Halal Research Council is an organization certifyig the products under the reverent coordination of recognized Shariah Supervisory Board, Highly qualified Food Technologists, Chemical Engineers and R&D professionals in respect of eligibility for Certification through research based methodology scrutinizing the sources of ingredients, examining the entire supply chain, chemical examination and analyzing Shariah prospects of ingredients used in the products.

As the awareness of Food and Nutrition is rising in the masses so ultimately there is a developing need of such certifications. Halal Research Council is honored to serve Halal foods and non-food market all over the world. The ingredients used in preparation of the products are usually mentioned clearly on the wrappers/packaging but often their sources are not mentioned with them. As it is legally required and being the first right of the customers, they should be well aware of the items and materials used in the process.

Mr Mughal suggested that that both the provincial and federal governments have to come up for the halal cause as there is a huge potential for this sector to export Medicines & supplements, Cosmetics and personal care products, dress/clothing items especially leather base items, financing for the halal industry and the Tourism. He said that Pakistan has every capability to become Halal Hub in comparison with any other country and the whole world is anticipating Pakistan as a Halal Hub which is becoming reality. He further added that a huge quantity of Halal Food, Halal Meat, Halal Cosmetics, Halal gelatin and Halal bones can be exported from Pakistan through which we can increase our exports hence can cover the trade deficit. In addition to this, he said that Halal Research Council will continue its journey in the field of Research, Development & Innovation and will arrange the international conferences in South Africa, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and UAE in the year 2015. Where as at national level, a road show from Khyber to Karachi would be arranged and 300 seminars on Halal awareness in 100 cities of Pakistan within one month would be conducted.

Dairy Science Park has been utilized as a platform for interaction between the academia, industry and government agencies to tap the livestock resources of the Region for self employment of the youth and hygienic food production for the people. Both DSP and HRC have worked within thier specified domains through a team of dedidated workers and associated research, development and business organizations. Their collaboration is expected to provide models to the Muslim Ummah to overcome the issues of Halal foods, poverty,  and arise as a dignified member of the international community.