DSP-WUM Collaboration for BRM and Entrepreneurship

DSP-WUM Collaboration for BRM and Entrepreneurship

Dairy Science Park Peshawar and Women University Mardan prepared a joint action plan on Biorisk Management and women enterprnrueship in a meeting of the two organizations at the University. The Universtiy was represented by Prof Dr Ghazala Yasmeen, Vice Chancellor; Dr Hina Jabeen, Director ORIC/Chairperson Microbiology Department and Mr Adnan Qureshi, Secretary to the Vice Chancellor. The Park was represented by Prof M Subhan Qureshi, Chief PatronvDSP/Professor of Theriogenology, University of Agriculture, Peshawar; Dr Muhammad Hafez, Assistant Professor Poultry Science; Dr Farida Tahir Lecturer Microbiology and Ms Samina Qureshi, Expert Economics DSP.

The action plan would be foucsing on safeguarding the health of students, biomedical professionals. Standards and legislative guidelines would be developed for farming and processing units and service providers. The interdisciplinary linkages in bio-risk management and enterprenureship would be strengthened. The educated women would be supported for establishing livestock and poultry based entrepreneurship. Hands would be joined to respond to Sustainable Development Agenda of the United Nations through #SDGAction9671.

The select faculty would be trained to implement the newly developed curriculum and to reach out to other universities to design, develop and implement similar curriculum. Outreach programs would be designed, developed and implemented to train biomedical professionals in the field to handle dangerous samples. Senior level and middle level scientists, farmers, industry representatives, students and policy makers would be trained. Consultation will be held among stakeholders through an Advocacy Forum on the relevant issue. Evaluation of the small and medium sized livestock and poultry farms for public health safety would be another activity and modules would be devised for minimizing the relevant threats. Registration of stakeholders will be made for joint marketing strategies and a common facility center. Market access to the women/men entrepreneurs would be ensured through a display centers.

The Vice Chancellor thanked Prof Qureshi and his team for visiting the University for the second time during a short period of time. She expected collaboration in implementing the agenda of biorisk management and enterprenrueship development through the ORIC office and Microbiology Program at teh University. Prof Qureshi assured support of the Dairy Science Park and its partner organizations in achieving the common goals of enterprenruship development and hygienic food production for local consumption and export.

Urdu version: WUM DSP news July 2017