Mr Arif Yousaf chaired meeting for Dairy Science Park Conference at Turkey

Mr Arif Yousaf chaired meeting for Dairy Science Park Conference at Turkey

A meeting was convened by Mr Arif Yousaf, Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Law and Parlimentary Affairs/Convener SDGs Task Force, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on 11-7-2017 in his office, to review the preparations under way for holding the Fourth International Conference and Industrial Exhibition on Dairy Science Park (DSP) on November 1-5, 2017 at Konya, Turkey. The Conference would be jointly held by Selcuk University, Konya and partner organizations of DSP in KP and elsewhere. Mr Arif Yousaf is Convener of the Organizing Committee and Prof M Subhan Qureshi, Chief Patron DSP is supervising the conference as Co-Chair; while Dr Mithat Direk is the Chairman of the conference.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the University of Agriculture Peshawar (Prof M Subhan Qureshi and Dr Nazir Ahmad Khan); Women University Mardan (Dr Hina Jabeen and Mr Adnan Qureshi); University of Malakand (Dr Abdul Sadique and Mr Numan Ijaz); Higher Education Department KP (Dr Khalid Khan Additional Secretary); DSP Society (Engr Irfan Qureshi), Finance Department (S Ibraheem Shah SO Dev-IV); Department of Local Government (Mr Faiz Muhammad, Director), Department of Agriculture (Extension & Marketing Mr Javed Maqbool Butt and Agric. Research Dr Bashirullah Khattak); Department for Information and PR (Mr Shaukat); Department of Livestock (Extension Dr Said Akbar and Dr Anwarullah and Livestock Research Dr Pervez Shah); Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA, Mr Rashid Aman); North-West Hospital (Dr Shafqat Ayaz); and PTI Youth Wing (Mr Allama Iqbal).

Dr Zia ul Haq KMU, Mr Nasir Shah FATA University, Dr Muhammad Inam SBBU Sherigal, Mr Muhammad Luqman SDU P&DD, Mr Zafar Paracha Dairy Life cattle feeds, Khanzada Ahmad Kamal Sialge producer, Mr Kamran Khan Royal Dairies and Mrs Nighat Javed could not participate due to their engagement in other official/business assignments.

Mr Arif Yousaf welcomed the participants and provided background information about involvement of SDGs and Law Department with the DSP. Three important SDGs namely Food Security, Health Security and Economic Empowerment of the youth have been taken by DSP and extensively covered. Mr Arif was astonished to know about the bitter facts of the Biorisk Management during my international consultation with the Sandia National Lab USA, held in Thailand, along with other delegates of DSP during the recent past. The threats faced by human population due to the presence of pathogens and toxin in animals and their products across the food value chain are alarming and need legislative coverage. Several attempts have been made under DSP to protect interest of the producers, consumers and service providers. The three conferences on DSP held during November 2011, 2013 and 2015 have been successful, attracting 500+ participants from academia, government, private sector and civil society. Mr Arif stated that a successful event is expected at Konya, Turkey during this year.

Prof M Subhan Qureshi reviewed the developments made under the DSP since presentation of Chief Minister Livestock Development Plan to Ex-Chief Minister KP during 1999, its endorsement during 2005 by Mr Akram Khan Durrani Ex-Chief Minister, establishment of Livestock Business Facilitation Desk by Minister for Agriculture KP at KPCCI and the three international conferences and industrial exhibition held at two years intervals. Prof Qureshi referred to approval of a project on slaughter house improvement by the Senior Minster Local Government under Annual Development Program and agreed with the concept of DSP Board to assist the small and medium enterprise through financial, technical, marketing, legal and administrative support.

Under the existing procedures the directives of the Senior Minister LG Mr Inayatullah Khan could not get implemented; hence the Senior Minister advised for establishment of DSP  Task Force for the purpose. The ultimate objective of the Task Force would be to utilize the livestock and poultry resources worth Rs.1.00 trillions for generation of self employment for the youth and hygienic/Halal food for local consumption and export through integrative efforts of all the stakeholders. The DSP Konya is being organized to provide a platform for interaction of our scientists, students, farmers, investors, industrialists, development practitioners and civil society activists at global level.

Mr Rashid Aman suggested preparation of a list for investment priorities to be shared with the donors. He recommended for establishment of common facilitation centers for the farming clusters capable of technical, marketing and processing support to the stakeholders. The ERKF Fund may be used for supporting the emerging entrepreneurs in the food value chain. DSP may be considered as the appropriate forum for implementation of this idea and the achievements already made may be utilized for visualizing it.

Mr Butt informed the house about KP Agriculture Livestock Produce Market Act 2007 which may be reviewed to respond to the challenges faced by the stakeholders of DSP. Mr Butt expressed his hope that institutional and individual efforts in the province can result in brining visible changes in the sector. Mr Rashid Aman suggested that DSP may act as technical booster and a certifying body for the livestock based entrepreneurs and the KP Food Safety Authority Act 2014 and aforementioned Act may be reviewed for protecting interests of the DSP stakeholders. He suggested that feasibility models developed by DSP through academic research may be shared with the State Bank for loaning purpose. Small grants may be provided to the entrepreneurs in individual capacity and CFCs under DSP.

Dr Hina reported the collaboration intiated by Women University Mardan and DSP for Biorisk Management and Entrepreneurship. Prof Qureshi suggested establishment of Endowment Funds for entrepreneurship development and replication under the DSP Task Force. He was hopeful that projects like Insaf Veterinary Clinics of Livestock Department, Slaughter House of LG Department and business models under ORIC offices may be implemented through public-private partnership and DSP/SMEDA would like for supporting such initiatives. Mr Butt appreciated the setup of the University of Agriculture Peshawar for having degrees in plants and animal sciences and business management and integrated approaches can bring visible change in the society. DSP was appreciated as a successful model responding to the emerging issues.

Mr Faiz Muhammad suggested consultation among stakeholders to ensure benefit to all stakeholders. The idea of the DSP Task Force already agreed by the Senior Minister LG would be followed up for implementation. The already approved project for slaughter house would be implemented through such a mechanism. He suggested for follow-up actions through review meetings. Mr Arif Yousaf advised for continuation of the meetings at fortnightly intervals. Prof Qureshi requested Mr Faiz Muhammad for follow up of notification of the Task Force DSP as per advice of the Senior Minster LG.

Mr S Ibrahim Shah mentioned the miserable status of livestock herds in the rural areas and their poor productivity and profitability. Dr Said Akbar endorsed that the livestock production system in the province is subsistence based and cannot meet the targets set by the DSP. Prof Qureshi responded that as per vision of the DSP, the wiling farmers would be networked with service providers and marketing partners through common facility centers (CFCs) as per models implemented already by SMEDA, as endorsed by Mr Rashid Aman.

Mr Arif Yousaf advised for establishment of certified farming and products processing facilities for livestock and poultry and display through special display centers and shops to get consumers confidence and ensure appropriate financial return to the producers supporting self-employment. He appreciated efforts of the participants for their contribution and invited them to participate in the future meetings to be held at fortnightly intervals, the next one tentatively to be held on 26-7-2017, in his office.