President KPCCI briefed on DSP

President KPCCI briefed on DSP

A delegation of Dairy Science Park, led by Prof M Subhan Qureshi, called on the President Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KPCCI), Haji Muhammad Afzal and Mr Muhammad Iqbal, Vice President. Prof Qureshi was accompanied by Prof Umer Sadiq, Dr SM Suhail, Dr Shuaib Sultan and Dr Muhammad Bilal Aslam. Discussion was held on the achievements made under the Dairy Science Park and role of KPCCI in livestock commercialization, with special reference to value addition of milk, meat, eggs and by products of livestock and poultry sector.

Previously, a meeting was held between the delegation of the University of Agriculture Peshawar (UAP) and the President Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KPCCI), Zahiullah Shinwari, in which both sides agreed to explore potential of entrepreneurship in livestock and dairy sector.

A plan was agreed upon with implementing partners to be the University of Agriculture, Peshawar to take care of the training, research, education, SoPs and quality control. Investment, value addition, local marketing, branding Khyber meat and export will be managed by the KPCCI. Feasibility, legislation and business support would be taken by the Smeda and NUST will look after machinery, equipment, refrigeration, transportation, energy, telecommunication, civil works.

The Livestock Business Facilitation Desk was established at the KPCCI, to be responsible for registration of animal science, agricultural, business and other graduates, after undergoing through the business incubation centre. Relevant experts in various fields will be registered for participation in the plan.

The participants suggested establishment of livestock colonies and special economic zones, simplification of the export procedures across the Pak-Afghan boarders and utilisation of farm services centers for livestock business development. Responding to suggestion of President KPCCI, President SDFA, Dean/Chairman, University of Agriculture Peshawar and farmers’ representatives, the worthy Minister ensured his support through all possible measures within the given resources. For this purpose he suggested that a delegation may visit the office of the Minister with all supporting documents to make decisions on various matters.

The third International Workshop on Dairy Science Park was inaugurated by Mr Zahidullah Shinwari, President KPCCI and Mr Mithat Direk, Selcuk University Konya, Turkey. Emerging industries in milk and meat processing and marketing have been provided technical and Quality Control certification support to relieve legal threats from the District Administration, who focus on price capping of milk and meat rather than quality. Meat shops established on modern lines of hygiene produce quality beef with a sound level of investment have to sell their products at relatively higher prices. Such facilities are raided by the government agencies on the basis of higher prices. The DSP teams visit such facilities and inspect the quality of animals, slaughtering, processing, packaging and storage facilities, provide SOP for quality standards and issue a certificate. Similar services are being extended to private slaughter houses and meat/milk processing centers and other emerging entrepreneurs.

The Senior Minister KP, Mr Inayatullah Khan has agreed on establishment of DSP Board, comprising Quality Control Laboratory Complex, Business Incubation Center, Halal Research Center and an Endowment Fund. The Ex-Chief Minister KP, Mr Akram Khan Durrani supported the Park and recommended establishment of the University of Veterinary Innovations and Commercialization with up-gradation of the existing Faculty of AHVS, UAP establishment of additional facilities like slaughter houses, livestock markets and entrepreneurship models.  The Higher Education Commission has accepted the Park as a Center of Excellence.