President KPCCI briefed on Livestock Industrialization Initiatives

President KPCCI briefed on Livestock Industrialization Initiatives

Haji Muhammad Afzal, President, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KPCCI) was briefed on Dairy Science Park (DSP) by Prof M Subhan Qureshi Dean FAHVS UA Peshawar/Chief Patron DSP. The presentation was attended by Ms Nasreen Khan Ex-MPA and Social Worker, Mr Muhammad Iqbal SVP, Mr Abidullah VP, Mr Sadder Gul member, Mr Sajjad Aziz, Secretary KPCCI, Dr Shoaib Sultan Afridi Assistant Professor, Dr Shakirullah PhD Scholar and Dr Shah Murad M Phil Scholar also attended the presentation.

Issues to livestock industrialization and commercialization were highlighted being under utilization of the farm resources, lack of marketing support and constant threat from the administration in the name of price capping calling for lower prices of milk and meat in spite of higher cost of production. Sale of pure products at comparative higher rates, is discouraged in spite of acceptability of consumers. Low and adulterated products goes on unnoticed.

Dairy Science Park has suggested how to overcome the barriers (Industrial, social, marketing) in the livestock industrialization and commercialization. Conversion of existing farming resources into industrial raw materials and development of small business models have previously been suggested before the KPCCI.

Export potential of the region for meat was highlighted before the Senior Minister, Local Government and Rural Development, Mr Inayatullah Khan, by the Dairy Science Park and establishment to of Peshawar Meat Company was agreed upon. Legislation were suggested to protect the interests of the producers, processors, service providers and the consumers, under KP DSP Act. Academic Support to the livestock sector was suggested through a project of the Annual Development Program.

Dairy Science Park has successfully held three international conferences and Industrial Exhibitions during November 2011, 2013 and 2015. The fourth event is being scheduled at Konya Turkey on November 1-5, 2017, jointly with Selcuk University and Konya Teknokent.

The President of KPCCI appreciated the idea and called for preparation of  proposal for meat export. Discussion with Chinese delegations are expected soon and we would like participation of the representatives of Dairy Science Park for launching Chinese ventures with Chinese investors.

Recommendation for legislation may be shared with the KPCCI which will be communicated to the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for submitting to the provincial assembly as KP Dairy Science Park Act.

The President desired that the factors impeding farmers income and products quality may be identified and small projects proposals may be prepared with tangible targets to demonstrate business models for self employment. The role and  expectations from KPCCI regarding bringing reforms in the livestock commercialization may be defined and shared with the KPCCI.

The President offered support of KPCCI in forwarding the mission of Dairy Science Park to generate self employment for the youth and hygienic food production for the people of KP and FATA. He advised for invitation of traders and investors from KP, FATA and other provinces to participate in the fourth international conference and industrial exhibition at Konya Turkey

Ms Nasreen Khatak suggested preparation of a concept paper on utilization of livestock for welfare of the society, especially the women fold which would may be shared with the world bank for immediate support of the idea presented by DSP.

Ms Khattak showed her serious concerns over negligence of the bureaucracy about the proposals of the DSP, which have been approved in high levels meetings chaired by the Senior Minister, Mr Inayatulalh Khan.  She suggested consideration of this issue a the floor of provincial assembly.

Ms Khattak paid special thanks to President KPCCI for invitation of DSP representatives to participate in the dialogue with the Chinese delegates.