Task Force on Dairy Science Park approved by Senior Minister LGRD KP

Task Force on Dairy Science Park approved by Senior Minister LGRD KP

Task Force on Dairy Science Park was approved by Senior Minister LGRD, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mr Inayatullah Khan. The Task Force is being established as a temporary arrangement for establishment of the Dairy Science Park (DSP) Board in light of a wide-based high-level meeting chaired by the Senior Minister reflected in the note of Secretary Local Government, Election and Rural Development, Government of KP. The decision was made in a presentation by Prof M Suhban Qureshi, Dean FAHVS, UA Peshawar/Chief Patron Dairy Science Park, attended by Mr Sajjad PSO to the Senior Minister, Dr SM Suhail, Dr Shoaib Sultan and Mr Khalid Khan. PhD scholar.

The Honorable Senior Minister during a previous meeting of the representatives of the Department of LGE&RD,  L&DD, PDA, University of Agriculture Peshawar and the private sector, held on 3-3-2016, directed for: i) implementation of the ADP project worth Rs.200 million for establishing a modern slaughter house; ii) supporting academic component of DSP for SMEs and; iii) formulation of DSP Board through an Act of the Provincial Assembly.

Pursuantly, Secretary LGE&RD initiated a summary for the Chief Secretary which was appreciated as a novel idea by the ACS however, it was turned down by the Secretary Agriculture.

In the meantime DSP team kept on working and established Peshawar Meat through DSP Innovations, a private registered company. It has costed Rs 5 lacs and is able to generate income to the tune of Rs 1 lac per month. It will provide an opportunity to the farmers to sell their prime animals at higher rates and consumers to get access to prime meat at appropriate rates. It may be utilized as an entrepreneurship model for generating self employment for the youth and Halal meat production for the people and international market.

Consultation with Sandia National Labs USA is in progress and the fourth visit has been scheduled to Thailand on 19 April by a high level, 20-members delegation led by Finance Minister. Fourth International Conference and Industrial Exhibition on DSP will be held on 1-5, November, 2017 at Konya Turkey. The Park would like to join MoU signing on Halal meat collaboration by CM KP with Ex Prime Minister Malaysia, Mr Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, next week and similar other developmental activities. The United Nations has selected DSP as partner for SDG Action 9671.

Dr Azam Kakar, Director World Bank Quetta and team member producing the first-ever cloned “Dolly Sheep” will lead the Baluchistan Chapter of the Dairy Science Park and mobilize the resources of financial institutions, under Islamic system, to develop entrepreneurship for teh youth and produce hygienic food for local consumption and international Halal meat market, with a total value exceeding US$ 500 billions.

The Task Force would be helpful in mobilizing the provincial livestock resources for welfare of the people under the umbrella of Dairy Science Park. The Senior Minister was thankful to various national and international organizations in supporting this sacred mission and welcome collaboration to materialize the dream of bringing stable peace in the Region through coordinated efforts.