UAP implemented Peshawar High Court orders providing relief to Prof Qureshi

UAP implemented Peshawar High Court orders providing relief to Prof Qureshi

Prof M Subhan Qureshi is working at University of Agriculture Peshawar. He has got a 35 years experience with extension, research, secretariat and the university.

Besides the routine of hificial assignments he established Dairy Science Park as a registered society for Academea Industry Linkages. We tried to achieve targets under SDGs 2, 3, 4 and 8 covering Food Security, Food Safety, Women Empowerment and Decent Employment to the youth. The efforts were supported by Higher Commission of Pakistan and accepted by CM KP as a Task Force. Three International Conferences and Industrial Exhibitions were held at Peshawar during November 2011, 2013 and 2015 and fourth at Konya Turkey during Nov 2017. Seven consultative workshops were held outside the country on Biorisk Management. Local Enterprenureship Development was supported. However, Prof Zahoor Swati directed Prof Qureshi to withdraw all types of academic support from the DSP we which was not considered logical by the later and hence ignored.

The Vice Chancellor University of Agriculture Peshawar , Prof Noor Pao Khan didn’t support these endeavors and stopped his salary since February 2018 and ignored his four appeals and office notes of the Registrar UAP.

Agricultural University Teachers Association held a three weeks protest on these issues and demanded removal of the Vice Chancellor. Governor KP wAw approached through an appeal but with no response.

Human Rights Commission, Peshawar High Court and other relevant authorities are requested for providing relief.

Registrar Peshawar High Court was requested vide letter dated 30 August 2018, titled, “Complaint against Noor Pao Khan Acting VC UAP” who stopped salary of Prof Qureshi for 7 months. His family was under severe stress and his wife got severe depression and her blood platelets/body weight went down drastically due to liss of appetite. The Court was requested to look into the matter and provide relief. He requested for issuance of advice to the Commandant Campus Police, Peshawar University for launching an FIR against VC for torturing his family through illegal actions. Salary was released after delivery of copy of the letter to Registrar UAP. However wife of Prof Qureshi passed away on 7 Feb, 2019 morning. Inna lillahi wa Inna Ilihi Rajiwoon.

On 19 March, 2019 prof Qureshi retired after serving the provincial government for 22 years and the university for 14 years with his best efficiency and unmatchable contribution. His pension has been withheld till today, 27 April. The Government of Pakistan, Finance Division in their memo dated 3-5-2013, mentioned that the Supreme Court of Pakistan in civil appeal No.48 of 2013 vide its judgement 21-2-2013 has directed to clear the pension cases within two weeks. If there is any delay in the finalization of the cases and matter is brought to the notice of this Court, the head of the concerned department shall also be held liable to the contempt of court. Is the university administration awaiting further losses to the family of Prof Qureshi?

The present Vice Chancellor Prof Jehan Bakht was requested vide letter dated 18 April for release of the pension on the analogy of Prof Munir and Prof Hamayun. A committee was constituted for the purpose headed by Prof Nazir. They recommended fixation of salary of Prof Qureshi at the level of 2013 while for the other two professors the salary was fixed at almost 100% higher rates of 2017. The committee decided on the basis of like and dislike rather than the rule of law. They added to the frustration of the family of Prof Qureshi arising due to death of his wife as a result of non payment of his salary for 7 months by the Ex-Vice Chancellor.

The Vice Chancellor must play his role in rectifying the situation, providing relief to the aggrieved family and presenting a kind image of the university administration before the teachers’ community.

Prof Qureshi submitted petition number 5127-P/2018 in Peshawar High Court for implementation of decision of UAP 95th meeting of the syndicate allowing him alongwith others to get switch backed from TTS to BPS w.e.f. 6-2-2016. The case was fixed for Motion today on 28 May, 2019 and decision was made in favor of Prof Qureshi. FAO-UN Pakistan selected Prof Qureshi as National Consultant Livestock.  Alhamdulillah. UAP Vice Chancellor and Registrar office implemented the Court orders vide Office Order number 153/S-1/UAP dated 7-10-2019 Alhamdulillah, which is highly acknowledged with thanks. Allah take us all out of troubles. Amin.