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The Association of Milk and Dairy Producers of Packaging Industry (ASÜD) has agreed to join Dairy Science Park 2017 at Konya, Turkey. ASUD, established by industrialists working in the milk and dairy sector, has gained the identity of the largest non-governmental organization in Turkey since its establishment.

The main mission of our association is to support sustainable growth of the sector and to contribute to the formation of a production chain that meets the nutritional needs of our people within the “Reliable Food” conditions, together with the sector organizations operating in our country and aiming at development, whatever the size.

We believe that the development of our country in all areas will take place on the day that the objectives of “Sustainable Rural Development” are attained. At this point, our farmers, the most important people of the chain, and especially “contributing to the development of our agricultural population employed in milk production” are the main targets of our Association.

As a member of the IDF-International Dairy Federation, our Association has made the first step in promoting the voice of our country on international platforms, increasing our lobbying power and removing obstacles in front of our exports.

Our Association has also become a member of the National Milk Council, which we believe will make important contributions to the formation of national milk policies, which will operate in the framework of the national agricultural policies laid down in the Agricultural Law No. 5488 dated 18.04.2006 and the National Milk Council General Assembly Nda was elected to the Board of Directors of the National Milk Council on behalf of the Industrialists’ Group.

As it is known, milk is the “miraculous” food material that should be consumed in every stage of human life together with milk products, as it is the first food of life for people and many living things. Beginning of consumption of milk and dairy products, which are especially important in terms of bone health, starting from childhood will help both healthy breeders and consumption habits for later ages. In this regard, increasing consumption of milk and dairy products and raising awareness of consumers is the most important social social responsibility area of ​​our Association.


Turkish Association of Dairy, Meat, Food Industrialists and Manufacturers (SETBIR) was founded in 1976 under the name of “Association of Dairy Manufacturers Association”. Founder of the association, Ayhan Öner (Pinar Süt), Beycan Tavus (Pınar Süt), Necati Fazlıoğlu (Yesutaş), Mustafa Akdağ (Yesutaş), Abdullah Yücel (Besan), Mehmet Uslu (Besan), Doğan Vardarlı (Tikveşli), Adnan Vardarlı Tikveşli), Kamuran Sertel (Tekfen Holding), Cemil Atkay (Tekfen Holding), Nurettin Soykan (Soykan Milk), Yusuf Istanbulluoğlu (Soykan Milk), Ibrahim Bayoğlu (Disutaş) and Sabri Dermenci (Disutas).

The first president of the association was Ayhan Öner. The first board was composed of the following names: Beycan Tavus (Secretary), Necati Fazıloğlu (Muhasip member), Kamuran Sertel (Member), Nurettin Soykan (Member).

In June 1987 the name of the association “Union of Milk and Meat Producers Association”, also in May 1992. “Milk, Meat and Food Industrialists and Producers Association of” has been changed. Ministers dated 15.01.1993 with the decision of the Council that “Turkey” in the name of the association entitled to move from that date “Turkey Milk, Meat, Food Industrialists and Producers Association of” was.

SETBIR was founded at the beginning of “to contribute to the development of milk, meat and food industries in Turkey”. The Association’s current mission is to be able to act as a voice of Turkey’s meat and dairy industry by acting on the framework of European Union (EU) level regulations, to introduce the value and image of meat and milk products produced in Turkey, to inform all meat and milk producers about Turkey and EU legislation And to coordinate the meat and dairy industry, to gather information on market size and trends of Turkey and the world meat and dairy industry. ”

Members of SETBIR include meat and dairy companies operating in the livestock sector in Turkey and companies supplying these sectors with meat, milk and feed producers. SETBIR currently has 92 members from 54 companies.

SETBIR member companies have 22,000 tons of milk processing capacity per day. This amount corresponds to 7.5 million tons of milk processing capacity per year, corresponding to 80 percent of the registered milk market and 40 percent of the total amount of milk produced in Turkey in a year (18.6 million tons).

SETBIR member companies, 500 thousand cattle, 100 thousand small cattle ranch capacity. SETBIR member companies with an annual turnover of approximately 20 billion TL employ 75,000 people and do business with 500,000 producers.

SETBIR systematically follows the legislation related to the meat and dairy industry in Turkey and communicates the opinions of the members as SETBIR opinion to the concerned authorities in order to provide sectoral interests related to the related legislation and to represent the members in the legislative stages He is in charge.

SETBIR also provides accurate and regular information on the latest developments in the EU legislation on meat and milk and provides information on the current statistics of meat and dairy sectors in EU countries and other countries where our country has traded, With.

SETBIR, a rooted organization for meat, dairy and food sectors, develops its relations and contacts with all public institutions from past to present day, and serves as a bridge between its members and public institutions.