Welcome PM Imran Khan – Dairy Science Park ready for Entrepreneurship Revolution

Welcome PM Imran Khan – Dairy Science Park ready for Entrepreneurship Revolution

We congratulate Mr Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehrik i Insaf (PTI) as Prime Minister of Pakistan on forming a new federal and provincial governments and wish that this change brings peace and prosperity in the country and the region. Imran Khan has got a continuous struggle of almost 22 years in his credit covering winning of the cricket world cup, establishment of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Research Center Lahore and PTI, as a wave of fresh air in the political history of the country.

As reported by Dawn, August 19.2018, if Imran Khan succeeds in his economic and governance agendas, the country will become stronger. If he delivers credible civilian leadership, the constitutional order in the country will be strengthened. Therefore, all Pakistanis and well-wishers of Pakistan ought to wish Mr Khan the very best in his first term as prime minister, which began yesterday. Imran Khan shared his vision for the “Naya Pakistan” that focuses on rooting out corruption, providing swift justice, reviving economy and supremacy of the law, to materialize his dream of a welfare state like that of Madina.

He mentioned that Pakistan is among those 5 countries in which most of the children die before the age of 5 due to diseases caused by contaminated water, where rate of female mortality is very high and where children die because of malnutrition resulting in stunted growth. We will have to invoke kindness in our hearts as half our population cannot even get 2 times meals. We cannot feed 45% of Pakistan’s children. The Prime Minister mentioned Zakat – the poor due money which can be pulled for people welfare programs. He referred to saying of Hazrat Umar that he would be responsible even if a dog went to sleep hungry. He suggested for establishment of Task Forces for ensuring austerity in every department; to ensure the repatriation of money stashed abroad through money laundering or other illegal means; for improving government run hospitals.

PM announced that his government would take all-out measures to uplift national industry to boost exports, besides facilitating the SME sector and investors through one-widow operations. He underscored the importance of imparting proper and adequate knowledge to farmers about the use of the latest agriculture technologies, so that their crop yield could be increased without burdening them financially. He also highlighted the importance of agri-research, besides proper water rationalizing by the famers’ community.

The PTI government during its completed tenures in KP, has been involved in various activities of Dairy Science Park, University of Agriculture Peshawar. The Minister for Agriculture, Sardar Ikramullah Gandapur inaugurated Livestock Business Facilitation Desk of DSP at KPCCI. The Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Law, Mr Arif Yousaf supported legislative reforms to protect interest of the stakeholders during the process of industrialization. He commended acceptance of the Park by the United Nations for 4 sustainable development goals of food security, health safety, women empowerment and decent employment for the youth.

The Special Assistant to Chief Minster on Livestock, Mr Mohibullah Khan supported the plan for preparing the province for International Halal Meat Market and advised for development of a policy to address the current challenges. The Park has been registered under Societies’ Registration Act XXI of 1860 to facilitate entrepreneurship development for young graduates and provide market linkages for the local livestock and poultry production system.

Emerging industries in milk and meat processing and marketing have been provided technical and Quality Control certification support to relieve legal threats from the District Administration, who focus on price capping of milk and meat rather than quality. Meat shops established on modern lines of hygiene produce quality beef; however such facilities are raided by the government agencies on the basis of higher prices. DSP has been facilitating inspection of such facilities; providing SOPs for quality standards and issuing certificates. Similar services are being extended to private slaughter houses and meat/milk processing centers and other emerging entrepreneurs. Sandia National Lab USA has been supporting DSP under a Biorisk Management Collaboration. Five consultative workshops were held in Amsterdam, Dubai, Bangkok, Puket and Colombo, participated by 70 members/times of DSP; and developed contents on biorisk management into the DVM curriculum in Pakistani Universities and food value chain. Selected faculty members of the DVM degree awarding Universities would be trained in BRM under DSP-SNL collaboration.

The Senior Minister, Local Government, Government of KP chaired a high level meeting held on 3-3-2016 and agreed on proposal of DSP for implementation of an ADP project for establishing a Modern Slaughter House. Consequently, a Summary was initiated for Chief Secretary which was supported by Additional Chief Secretary. A note was initiated by the Senior Minister for Establishment of Task Force on Dairy Science Park which was approved by the Chief Minister on 2-8-2017. Dairy Science Park intends to establish Technoparks in various universities of the country through collaboration with Konya Teknokent and other development, government and private sector organizations.

Task Force on Dairy Science Park approved by Chief Minister KP