DSP Quetta

DSP Quetta

Dairy Science Park (DSP) is a mission to serve the people of under-developed regions of Pakistan. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. Prof Azam Kakar a world known Reproductive Biotechnologist has been supporting the mission through participation in the first, second and third international conference and industrial exhibition on Dairy Science Park. We appreciate his support to the cause of DSP, especially consultation on Biorisk Management at Phuket and Colombo.

Consultation on integrating Biorisk Management concerns into the DVM curricula at Pakistani Universities was completed at Colombo. The global agenda of SNL on BRM was merged with the local agenda of DSP for food security, health security and economic empowerment of the youth, accepted by the United Nations as SDG Action 9671. DSP has successfully introduced postgraduate courses on BRM at UAP, KMU, Baluchistan University and BUITMS while WUM and SBBU are in the process of implementation. Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council has been taken on Board during the fifth consultative meeting and productive outcome it expected on their behalf.

Baluchistan Component of DSP is going to be launched soon. Please keep in touch.