Dairy Science Park Timeline



  • Livestock Development Plan was prepared on advice of the Ex-Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, communicated vide letter dated 30th November, for productive utilization of provincial livestock resources targeted at export.


  • Chief Minister KP approved Livestock Development Plan of Prof Qureshi and endorsed it to Secretary Agriculture for implementation.



  • The Plan was updated to Dairy Science Park through three successive international workshops during 2011, 2013 and 2015 at the University of Agriculture Peshawar and 2017 at Konya, Turkey.


  • The President Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KPCCI), approved the Standing Committee on Livestock for integrating various stakeholders (Business Recorder Nov 1).


  • The Minister for Agriculture, inaugurated Livestock Business Facilitation Desk at KPCCI (Business Recorder, May 26).
  • The Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Law, supported legislative reforms to protect interest of the stakeholders and commended acceptance of the Park by the United Nations As SDG Action 9671 (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/partnership/?p=9671).


  • The Special Assistant to Chief Minster on Livestock, supported the plan for preparing the province for International Halal Meat Market and advised for development of a policy to address the current challenges (https://www.aup.edu.pk/news_details.php?n_id=307).
  • The DSP head office/Display Center has been established at the City Towers, University Road Peshawar and the Park has been registered under Societies’ Registration Act XXI of 1860.
  • A collaborative arrangement was agreed with CEBG, Pakistan Army for utilizing the semen and embryos from elite dairy and beef ruminants at the medium sized farms in the province and FATA.
  • A collaboration on “Biorisk Management” was initiated with the Sandia National Laboratories USA. A four-members’ delegation of the Park visited the Netherlands in March 2015 for launching the initiative and attending Third One Health Congress at Amsterdam. Workshops were held at Dubai, Bangkok, Phuket, Colombo, Konya, Amman, Dubai-II, training 104 persons-times from academia, government and the private sector and preparing a curriculum package for integration into DVM degree program.
  • An MoU was signed with the Khyber Institute of Veterinary Sciences, Peshawar for collaboration in livestock entrepreneurship development (LED).
  • A letter of intent was signed in August, with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for collaborative research on development and trade of Halal products.
  • Focal Points were appointed for the Park for Australia, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East, Turkey, Netherlands, USA and Canada.


  • The Senior Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, Mr Inayatullah Khan allocated Rs.200 million for establishing a model slaughter house in consultation with the Park.
  • The Senior Minister advised that an autonomous DSP Authority may be established under the supervision eminent academicians, and representatives of the Government, industry, farmers and civil society, focused at the burning issues of self-employment and hygienic food production.
  • An MoU was signed with the Khyber Institute of Veterinary Sciences, Peshawar for collaboration.
  • Chairman HEC supervised MoU signing between DSP, KMU and UAP.


  • Policy reforms resisted; AUP Management, DSP Chief Patron at loggerheads.
  • Signed MoU with KT Konya, Turkey, SBBU Sheringal and Women University Mardan.
  • Fourth International Conference and Industrial Exhibition for Dairy Science Park was held at Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey and an MoU was signed with Konya Technopark for research and development linkages.



  • Salary of Prof Qureshi President DSP stopped by UAP administration; Peshawar High Court provided relief to Prof Qureshi; but his wife died due to victimization of the family.
  • FAO selected Prof Qureshi as National Consultant Livestock and report title, “Transforming Livestock Resources into a Beacon of Hope through a Good Governance Model”.
  • Complaints submitted to Prime Minister’s Citizen Portal regarding non implementation of DSP actions

Peshawar High Court approached for relief

Release of salary – HRC PHC

Judgement in milk theft allegations

Writ petition for switchback from TTS to BPS-21









DSP Sudan and Egypt planned

DSP Khartoum               DSP Beni Suef