Happy World Food Safety Day !!!

Happy World Food Safety Day !!!

Today is the first world food safety day in history. On 20th December 2018 the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 73/250 proclaiming a World Food Safety Day. Starting in 2019, every 7th June will be a time to celebrate the myriad benefits of safe food.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan is rich in natural resources, including livesock and poultry holdings valuing about 1.00 trillion rupees. However, these resources could neither produce hygienic and Halal food for local consumers and export, nor self-employment for the youth. The main reasons leading to this state of affairs have been failure of the state and private sector organizations to support the sector on commercial  basis, and the poor practices in the field. Dairy Science Park has succesfully demonstrated interventions through post-graduate research and quality control, saving the emerging entrepreneurs from hostile forces.

A collaboration on “Biorisk Management” is in process with the Sandia National Laboratories USA. A five-members delegation of the Park visited the Netherlands in March 2015 for launching the initiative and a 9-members delegation of DSP and a 4-members delegation of Sandia National Laboratories USA met in Dubai to hold the Pakistan Biorisk Management Curriculum Workshop for Universities in Pakistan and the region.  Two more workshops were held in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand and another one in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Consultation on BRM was completed with Sandia National Laboratoreis (SNL) USA. A delegation of Dairy Science Park (DSP), The University of Agriculture, Peshawar, Pakistan visited Columbo, Sri Lanka for this purpose. The delegation was led by Mr Arif Yousaf, Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Law/Convener Task Force on Sustainable Development Goals, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Senior academicians and government officials were trained in two successive workshops in Jordan and Dubai.

DSP established an Advocacy Forum for for deliberation on the issues faced by the stakeholders across the livestock value chain and advise the relevant organizations for implementation of the recommendations, as per Terms of Reference, available via following link.

Advocacy Forum Notification

notification advocacy forum – Corrigendum


Farm Services

  1. University Feed Mill functionalized under PPP
  2. Silage introduced at dairy and calf fattening farms in KP, Pakistan
  3. DSP consultation on calf fattening models
  4. Postgraduate Industrial Research
  5. DSP Farm Services and Marketing
  6. DSP introduced Calf Fattening
  7. Business Incubation in Poultry Science
  8. Peshawar Meat Value Chain
  9. Dairy Technology Training
  10. Peshawar Meat -Dairy Science Park Innovations

Quality Control Certification

  1. Quality Control Certification of Jan Meat Shops
  2. DSP Slaughering Point, Bar Tehkal
  3. Jan Arcade Meat Shop, Peshawar
  4. Dairy Life
  5. Mr Kamal Khan, silage industry
  6. Farmer’s Sausage Company, Peshawar
  7. Royal Dairies, Peshawar