QC certification of meat shops

Jan Shopping Arcade, Peshawar Cantt has been established by Mr Habib Jan as model shop in Peshawar City. His facility was raided by the District Administration with the allegation that he is selling meat at higher prices. The DSP team visited his facility and inspected the quality of animals, slaughtering,  processing, packaging and storage facilities.

The Shop has gained consumers’ confidence, attracting elite and quality conscious families across the City. Dairy Science Park has been providing technical Support to the Jan Arcade and ensure quality and Halal standards at their Meat Shop. The Minister Local Government has appreciated their meat quality during a presentation made by the Dairy Science Park and recommended its exemption from the general meat rates.

As per clause-b of the Constitution of Dairy Science Park, one of the objectives of the part is to spread awareness among the masses and sensitize them to understand the issues of food security and quality. Clause-e of the objectives call for utilization of the academic, research and development resources of the provincial government and the Dairy Science Park for improvement in livestock farming.

Jan Arcade had maintained quality of meat at their setup through procurement of the best and healthy animals of appropriate age, slaughtered and processed under hygienic and Islamic principles. The meat is graded as per accepted standards. Sufficient investment has been made in maintaining pathogens free environment and chilled storage.