GreenWend Solar Energy Services

GreenWend Solar Energy Services

Welcome to GreenWend Solar Energy Services

Welcome to GreenWend Solar Energy Services.

Now is the time to make your own energy. Avoid the rising energy costs and enjoy peace of mind with GreenWend!
Solar System designing, Installation and Maintenance for Your Homes, business places and agriculture sectors.
Company Overview
  • This company is founded to reduce the energy crisis in Pakistan and bring the people towards green energy. We are providing designing, installation and maintenance services of solar energy in Pakistan.
  • Decreasing electricity bills
  • Decreasing load on public sector power operations
  • Skill development of youth for decent employment
  • Business incubation of salable research
  • Assisting Dairy Science Park in implementing SDGs 2, 3, 4 and 8, covering zero hunger, good health and well being, women empowerment, decent employment and adding SDGs 7, 9 and 13, covering affordable and clean energy, industry innovation and infrastructure and climate action
  • Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries installation with a one year free maintenance warranty
  • Domestic packages of solar systems with the capacity of 1 KW, 2 KW, 3 KW, 5 KW, 7 KW and 10 KW
  • Remote solar monitoring
  • Innovations in solar technologies
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  • Solar Energy Service  ·
  • Electric Utility Provider
  • Skill Development Training
  • Artificial Intelligence in Solar Systems
  • Business Incubation
  • Agricultural operations