Livestock Policy Balochistan finalized

Livestock Policy Balochistan finalized

Livestock Policy and Strategy was finalized for Balochistan in a workshop held on 4th July, 2019 FAO Office Quetta to formulate Livestock Policy and Strategy. The event was organized by the Government of Balochistan in collaboration with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, Quetta Office. The main objective was to set a legal framework in dynamic equilibrium where everyone can find room and adjust in growth cycle under the legal umbrella and keep growth cycle wider as well as harmonizing the pace of development, achieving the objectives, mission and vision.

Secretary Livestock and Dairy Development, Government of Balochistan chaired the session as a driving force to push forward the exercise in a meaningful way Director Genreral Livestock and Dairy Development Quetta Dr Ghulam Hussain Jaffar presented vision, mission and achievement of the Department. Mr Marcel Stallen and Mr Ahmed Jan Essa assisted as FAO counterparts. Prof M Subhan Qureshi President Dairy Science Park/National Consultant FAO/Ex-Dean UAP and Major Yousaf Big Feeds Lahore assisted the process as independent national experts. Dr Azam Kakar coordinated the efforts and linkages between the stakeholders.  Several Ex-Ministers, Ex-Secretaries, Ex-DGs presented thier useful suggestions. Roundtable format was followed up for teh event to provide opportunities to every expert and participant for presenting their viewpoint openly.

Marcel Stallen CTA FAO Balochistan mentioned the Workshop to be beyond expectations and expressed his thanks inputs of the participants and thier hard work. Dosain Jamaldini Secretary Livestock Balocshistan appreciated the lovely, hardworking, and organised Joint FAO-LSDD Policy Team. Prof M Subhan Qureshi mentioned the activity as as a wonderful interaction between FAO and, Government of Balochistan and recommended establishment of Quetta Technopark as an Acedemia-Industry-Government Nexus for generating decent employment and exportable surpluses across Food Value Chain. Other important recommendations were generated by the participants to transform the livestock resources to prosperity of the people of Balochistan. It was not one of a stereotype meetings, usually happening in the country. It was a purposely managed gathering powered by the Secretary Mr Jamaldini Secretary and assisted by Mr Marcel FAO and Dr Azam Kakar director LDD. Commercialization of the sector was the main theme, removing all the legal, administrative and marketing barriers across the food value chain.

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